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Scale your web3 development with Eiger

We help leading technology companies to scale and develop their core technologies to gain an edge by providing expert teams in the most critical areas of modern web3 development.
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Reliability Security Privacy Scalability Reliability Security Privacy Scalability

We take your web3 vision to production.

Designing and building high performance systems to interact with on-chain environments


Designing web3 native systems optimized for performance, security and cost.


Implementing highly scalable systems with tight integrations into on-chain environments.


Setting up best production practices, CI, testing and monitoring to improve maintainability and reliability.


Re-engineering your existing solution for improved compatibility and performance with on-chain environments.

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Our services cover the full spectrum of web3 development projects

Blockchain and smart contract implementations

Implementing clients, wallets, APIs, decentralized applications & cross-chain bridges.

Blockchain integrations (L1 & L2)

Integrate your solution to existing blockchain infrastructure.

Architecture renovations

Microservice based architecture redesigns for clients who need to scale.

Large deployments

Deploy and maintain large blockchain infrastructures.

Tooling & Testing

Building ecosystem tools and supporting software that complements your main products. Tools that can be used by the incoming new developers to your ecosystem.

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Reliability Security Privacy Scalability Reliability Security Privacy Scalability

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