Eiger is taking over responsibility for Beerus StarkNet Light Client

January 17, 2024

Eiger is taking over responsibility for Beerus StarkNet Light Client

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We are thrilled to announce that we at Eiger are officially taking over the ownership of the Beerus repository and leadership of the project. This is an exciting milestone as we get to contribute to the Starknet ecosystem. We are grateful to the Starkware Exploration Team for their trust, support and the excellent work they have done so far.

One of our early goals is to integrate Beerus into web-based wallets, enabling users to switch seamlessly to a light client mode. This transition is crucial for those who prefer not to rely on untrusted RPC providers. This feature is enabled by leveraging the Ethereum light client protocol and Starknet storage proofs. Our team is dedicated to filling this gap and bringing even more features to Beerus. 

Sync from Proven Root

Our immediate focus is on the "sync from proven root" feature, as outlined in Issue #550 on GitHub

Implementing Caching and Recomputation

Improving the caching and recomputation of headers is another area we are keenly working on. This enhancement will significantly optimize the performance and reliability of the Beerus light client.

Defining Meta Payload for Confidence Levels

We are also in the process of defining the meta payload for two different confidence levels. This initiative will provide users with more options and flexibility in terms of security and efficiency.

Expanding Testing

A robust testing framework is vital for the stability and reliability of any project. We plan to invest considerable resources in adding extensive testing to Beerus, ensuring that each feature is thoroughly vetted and performs as expected.

Open Source Commitment

Eiger is deeply committed to the open-source ethos. We believe that community collaboration is the key to innovation and growth. Therefore, we are excited to continue working on Beerus as an open-source project and warmly welcome all community contributors who are interested in contributing to this endeavor.

Advocating for Light Clients

Light clients are essential to a healthy protocol and its ecosystem. We believe in this and want to push for improvements by creating Starknet Improvement Proposals that make the protocol more light client friendly.

Join Us on This Exciting Journey

If you are interested in contributing please make yourself known on github or contact hello@eiger.co, if there is enough demand we might set up recurring developer calls.

Stay tuned for more updates as we progress in making Beerus a cornerstone of the StarkNet light client experience.

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