We provide leading expertise in the most critical areas of modern web3 development to help our customers scale & thrive.

Work & learn in teams with years of experience in building for crypto, web3 & blockchain with Rust, Elixir, Go, Solidity and C++
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Reasons to join Eiger

100% remote

Work from anywhere in a globally distributed team of over 20 engineers, devops champions, and cryptographers.

Engaging work

Learn to build new technologies with the leaders of the web3, gaming, and finance industries.

Health & flexibility

Enjoy the flexibility of an async organization that is attentive to mental health and work-life balance.

Join the best

Become one among a handpicked group of people that exhibit exceptional ability and culture fit — and get paid accordingly.

Minimal hierarchy

Operate within a very minimal hierarchy, with an adaptable and flexible process.

Long vacations

Get national holidays and sick leaves, and 5 weeks of paid vacation per year — no matter where you work from

Strong values

Join a team that cares about open source, freedom, and privacy and selects clients and projects carefully.

Sunny retreats

Meet your colleagues in-person once or twice a year on company retreats accompanied by good food & drinks.

“We’re building Eiger to become the best place for developers to bring web3 to the mainstream era. ”

Daren Tuzi
Founder & CEO of Eiger

Choose how to contribute within the full spectrum of web3 development


Design web3 native systems optimized for performance, security and cost.


Implement highly scalable systems with tight integrations into on-chain environments.


Set up best production practises, CI, testing and monitoring to improve maintainability and reliability.


Re-engineer existing solutions for improved compatibility and performance with on-chain environments.

Project examples

Develop tools that help new developers in a product ecosystem
Blockchain integrations (L1 & L2)
Deployments and maintenance of large blockchain infrastructures
Integrations of solutions to existing blockchain infrastructure
Clients, wallets, APIs, decentralized applications & cross-chain bridges
Blockchain and smart contract implementations
Microservice based architecture redesigns for clients who need to scale

Our people

Daren Tuzi
Aki Häkkilä
Nikolay Tsvetinov
Daniel Vladco
Stoyan Kirov
David Magalhães
Luca Campobasso
Tua Wikholm
Dmytro Gordon
Marcin Bieszke
Karlo Mardešić
Nevio Vesic
Kyle Granger
Niklas Johansson
Piotr Olszewski
Jos Dehaes
Eloy Lopez
Antonio Bosak
Mariusz Pilarek
Oliver Sipinen
Roberts Pumpurs
Sasi Helin
Sergey Melnychuk
Tomasz Piotrowski
Paul Dann
Yiannis Marangos
Maciej Zwoliński
Pascal Deseure
Mobin Naser
Mikołaj Florkiewicz
Serhii Temchenko
Mariusz Żak
Michael Eberhardt
Rok Černič
Jaakko Suomalainen
Lauri Paalama
Mariia Novikova
Oliver Powell
Emanuel Pargov
José Duarte
Konrad Stepniak
Aidan Sullivan
Ivan Čavlek
Leonidas Maroulis
Lucas Äström