Introducing the MoveVM Substrate Pallet

December 15, 2023

Introducing the MoveVM Substrate Pallet

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With this project, we set out to seamlessly integrate the power of Move smart contracts with Substrate blockchains and expand the realm of possibilities for developers and users alike.

Understanding Substrate and Move

Substrate stands as a comprehensive framework, offering a toolkit for developing customized blockchains. It obviates the need to start from scratch by equipping developers with tools to create feature-rich blockchains tailored to specific use cases. Written in Rust, Substrate comes accompanied by comprehensive documentation and illustrative usage samples.

Move, on the other hand, originated from Facebook as a programming language intended to power the Diem blockchain. Its primary objective was to enable the creation of smart contracts compatible with a specialized virtual machine, the Move VM, residing within the blockchain. Move was designed and created as a platform-agnostic, secure and verified programming language and has since become a prominent player in the smart-contract landscape. Blockchains currently using it include Sui, Starcoin, Aptos, 0L, and Diem.

Bringing Move to Substrate

The aim of this project is to unite Move and Substrate through the development of the MoveVM Substrate pallet that seamlessly integrates the Move VM, thereby allowing Substrate blockchains to execute Move smart contracts. This integration will open new avenues for developers to leverage Move's capabilities while building on Substrate-based networks.

Project Goals

  1. MoveVM Substrate Pallet Development: The core objective revolves around creating the MoveVM Substrate pallet, which will serve as a bridge between Substrate and the Move VM. This enables the execution of Move smart contracts on Substrate blockchains.
  2. Seamless Integration: We aim to ensure a smooth and intuitive integration process for Substrate developers. The pallet will be designed to seamlessly mesh with existing Substrate frameworks, enhancing the experience of incorporating Move smart contracts.
  3. Compatibility and Flexibility: Our project emphasizes compatibility with a range of Substrate blockchains. The pallet will be designed with flexibility in mind, accommodating diverse use cases and scenarios.
  4. Documentation and Education: We recognize the importance of clear documentation and educational resources. As part of the project, we intend to provide comprehensive guides and resources to facilitate the adoption of Move smart contracts on Substrate blockchains.


Through the development of the MoveVM Substrate pallet, our project aspires to unite the capabilities of Move and Substrate and enable Substrate-based blockchains to execute Move smart contracts. This synergy holds the potential to drive innovation, expand use cases, and empower developers to harness the strengths of both technologies. By seamlessly integrating Move into the Substrate ecosystem, we take a significant step toward realizing a more versatile and powerful blockchain development landscape.

Project fact box

Technologies used: Rust, Move, WebAssembly, Substrate

Main challenges: 

  1. Make the Move Virtual Machine work in a WASM environment.
  2. Make MoveVM and Substrate pallets work together.

Visit our GitHub repository to stay updated on our ongoing progress and to actively participate in our journey.

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