Eiger Becomes the First Accredited Systems Integrator for Fireblocks

August 9, 2023

Eiger Becomes the First Accredited Systems Integrator for Fireblocks

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Fireblocks provides institutional infrastructure for moving, storing and issuing digital assets. Fireblocks enables any institution to securely scale digital asset operations and treasury management through the Fireblocks Network and its secure wallet Infrastructure. 

With more than 1,800 partners and over $4 trillion in transfers, Fireblocks is the largest institutional network for digital asset transfers. Other solutions offered by Fireblocks include flexible and scalable MPC custody (wallet as a service), tools for asset tokenisation and a payments engine.

What does it mean to be a Systems Integration partner? 

A systems integration (SI) partner sits between Fireblocks and the business looking to integrate the technology. The SI can assist with the technical implementation and ensure that negative surprises are kept to a minimum.

Even though Fireblocks reduces complexity by abstracting away many of the technicalities associated with the adoption of blockchain technology, implementation still comes with risks and challenges particularly in the finance sector, where the consequences of mistakes can be drastic - both financially and reputationally.

-Daren Tuzi, Eiger CEO

Eiger is the first company to receive the SI accreditation

Eiger is a blockchain development powerhouse that designs and builds high-performance systems to interact with on-chain environments. 

The Fireblocks team at Eiger consists of 15 experienced blockchain engineers. All of them have received extensive training about how Fireblocks works and are well-positioned to make your implementation as safe and smooth as possible.

Why are we at Eiger excited about partnering with Fireblocks?

Fireblocks is one of the primary players trying to abstract away the complexity and make it easier for institutions to integrate digital assets into their operations.

We believe that blockchains will be part of most (if not all) businesses in the future. However, the space is still quite complex and implementation of the technology requires specialized knowledge of how these systems work. 

-Daren Tuzi, Eiger CEO

By working together and combining the Fireblocks platform with our existing experience from blockchain implementation, we can accelerate adoption even further and make sure that the customer gets the best possible experience!

We are very excited to have Eiger as our first accredited System Integrator. Their engineers have passed a rigorous assessment process which uniquely positions them with a deep understanding of our platform. In Eiger we know we have a strong partner who can help clients seeking specialized system integration capabilities.

- Adam Levine, Head of Corporate Strategy at Fireblocks

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