Eiger Q3 Recap

January 17, 2024

Eiger Q3 Recap

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✍️ CEO’s Introduction

Welcome to the Eiger Newsletter! For the past two years, we have been so busy building core web3 technology that we haven’t had the opportunity to sit down and tell the world about it. We have recently started publishing some articles and hope to continue publishing more, but bear with us; we are engineers who love Rust, not writers.

In the past two years, we have grown from one to almost 40 people. We have helped several clients with building core technology, but it hasn’t always been easy; during the lifetime of Eiger, we have been in a bear market, which means we have had to optimize every process since our inception. And even though it was tough, we’ve managed to build a successful operation that has been able to deliver high-quality services to our partners.

To any outsider, it might seem like things have quieted down in this industry, but the reality is that the winners of tomorrow are busy building now. Keep an eye out, because it's getting closer to dawn.

- Daren Tuzi, CEO of Eiger

📚 Blogs That We’ve Published

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📸 Recruitment and Employee Highlights

Eiger provides high-value add engineering services to accelerate Web3 mass adoption. If you’re interested in joining us and solving challenging problems along with the leading companies in the space - look at our open positions.

LinkedIn Snapshots:

Geoffrey Mureithi: A self-taught developer who previously worked on various projects including SaaS and payment processing. Geoffrey is a big fan of Rust, which according to him is the “king in web3”.

Nikolay Tsvetinov: One of the pioneering engineers in our team. Nikolay feels most at home in Elixir but is also comfortable in Rust, Java, and Ruby.

Sasi Helin: Sasi is one of the key players in our recruiting efforts and has been instrumental in bringing together the exceptional talents that make up our team.

Mariusz Pilarek: An academic turned software engineer - Mariusz has gained experience in C/C++, web development (Java, JS), and project management during his 10+ years in the industry.

Roberts Ivanovs: One of our Rust experts - Roberts thrives in our remote culture and excels in tackling intricate engineering challenges within our team.

🎤 Events

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