Eiger Q4 Recap

January 17, 2024

Eiger Q4 Recap

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✍️ CEO’s Introduction

Welcome to the second edition of our Newsletter, and a very happy New Year 2024 to all of you!

It's astonishing to reflect on how quickly the last three months have flown by. Perhaps it's the relentless pace of innovation and the sheer volume of exciting developments in web3 that makes time seem so fleeting.

In the last quarter, Eiger has not only delivered several key projects but also witnessed an unprecedented surge in demand for new implementations. It's as if the entire industry has simultaneously awakened.

2024 is going to be very interesting. With numerous 'under-the-radar' projects about to go to mainnet and themes like Zero-Knowledge (ZK) proofs and modular blockchain stacks gaining momentum, we're at the cusp of a transformative phase in blockchain technology.

As we navigate this journey, I want to express my gratitude to our partners for their continued support and to our engineers for their excellence. Together, we're not just observers; we're builders, shaping the future of blockchain technology.

- Daren Tuzi, CEO of Eiger

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📸 Recruitment and Employee Highlights

Eiger provides high-value add engineering services to accelerate Web3 mass adoption. If you’re interested in joining us and solving challenging problems with the leading companies in the space - look at our open positions.

LinkedIn Snapshots:

Tua Wikholm: An operational superpower that oversees a wide spectrum of HR functions and other operations behind the scenes at Eiger.

Eloy López: A Rust maestro who flourishes in our remote work environment and consistently conquers complex engineering tasks.

Aki Häkkilä: A Golang expert, who among other things played a crucial role in developing backends and integrated services for Membrane Finance’s EUROe project.

🎤 Events

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